Sailing Shed procedure.

Note labels for buoys and anchors.                    This is how to not do it. (Score 1/8 - 14jun2023)
See how the hooks are all nicely labelled.         Doesn't this look better? Bags will be clean and dry. 

Extract from Wednesday rules

  • First boat to take places and deliver (via SMS) to John Barter.
  • Following boats (2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th) to collect buoys and return to L'attitude or the designated hooks in the sailing shed. Yachts failing their duty, will not receive their next prize.
  • Ensure Racing Handbook is available to crew and onboard for Race Instructions.
  • Please use Race Logger if possible - Ring 0418 253 479 for help with setting up.
  • View "Racing>Available Crew List" for crew wishing to sail and help place requests.
  • Yachts not given their rights must signal with a red flag, in the racing area that she was involved in or saw, she shall hail ‘Protest’ and conspicuously display a red flag at the first reasonable opportunity to give the other boat an opportunity to exonerate their error with a 360 degree turn.

Frown Award for non-pickup of Marks and other misdemeanours.

Buoy Credits: 100% return of buoys to hooks 24/5

P/U Credits: Frisky Too (P/U for Pied Piper)

Defaulters: Don't be first

Defaulters will be removed after forfeiting an after-race prize or unscheduled pickup.

Race Logger

Get CFGRace logger will start automatically and record your track with time markers. RL is necessary to record finish time for weekend series and could be useful for protests. Configuration available prior to each race. Help call 0418 253 479


Duty Officer: Peter CORBETT
Course: Tobruk
Buoy P/U: 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th place getters.
Buoy Return: SAILING SHED hooks.
Presentation: Last race winner.
Results: To John Barter to updated on web.

Racing Advice and Crew List

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Tender on Wednesdays

  1. Sailing to operate tender.
  2. Observe roster with the starting times and run tender before and after races.
  3. If engine is cold - please start engine and allow 30 seconds of idle to reach operating temp.
  4. Do not run tender at full speed when crossing turning basin of marina.
  5. Please pause at Neutral so to avoid a "crash" transmission shift.
  6. Observe 8 passenger limit.
  7. Skippers, drop and pick-up majority of crew at marina.