Presentation/Awards night

To be held on Saturday 22-May-2021.
Please reserve this date.
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Next race dates

Wed. Afternoon Race 2, 14-April-2021 Start 3pm
Short Haul Race 10, 11-Apr-2021 Start-12:30pm
Sunday Winter Race 1, 16-May-2021 Start-1pm
Short Ocean Race 5, Completed
Harbour Series Race 5, Completed
Twi-light Series Race 23, 31-Mar.-2021, Completed

Tender service pick-up

Skippers who have their yachts on moorings should drop crew at the marina and return to their mooring with just enough crew to moor. This way the tender makes less trips to service all yachts. Dropped crew can notify the driver of crew from moored yachts and can be achieved in less time with nobody forgotten.

Available Crew List

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Rule 46 changes from 2022

Changes RRS 46.
From January 2022 all competitors in any race are required to be a member of a club. Read more

Awards Night of Nights Dinner

Presentation Award Nominations