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All races CANCELLED during lock-down.
Twi-light Series Race 1
Bate Bay Short Haul Race 1
Short Ocean Race 1
Boat Harbour Series Race 1
Wed. Afternoon Race 1
Sunday Winter Race 1

Current Lockdown Rules

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Can I go Sailing?
UPDATE: The new rules introduced on 13 September DO NOT apply to boats of any kind - See message from NSW Police Marine Area Command :
The easing of restrictions within the Greater Sydney 'stay at home' area effective yesterday, 13 September, whereby;
you can attend an outdoor gathering in a public space of up to 5 people for exercise or outdoor recreation (aged 16 years or over and fully vaccinated) DOES NOT relate to boating.
Boating is still limited to the same household members or if from different households a maximum of 2 people.  Vessels are considered a 'premise' therefore this outdoor easing does not relate to vessels.
Sailing and powerboating are recognised as allowed forms of exercise and recreation as long as you observe the rules around social gathering, physical distancing and mask wearing:

  • A maximum of two people can go boating together, or more if they are all members of the same household.
  • You must stay within the Local Government Area you live in (or the water adjacent to your LGA), or if going into a neighbouring LGA, no further than 5 kilometres from your home.
  • In the Areas of Concern, a maximum of two people can only travel up to 5kms from their homes for exercise including sailing. To calculate 5km from your home, enter your address into the map on this page.
  • Get in, go sailing, go home; keep your distance from others at your club, marina or boat ramp.
  • Do not carpool with anyone outside your family
  • Masks must be worn at all times, except when exercising.

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Can Clubs run sailing racing?
No. Community sport is currently not permitted. This includes any racing or training activities ie club organised coaching or Learn-To-Sail programs.
Can I do maintenance on my boat?
See exemption permitting boat maintenance
The following activities are considered reasonable excuses to leave your home to ensure the safety of a vessel or undertaking a legal obligation and are not limited to your LGA:

  • Access a vessel at a marina or on a mooring to maintain, service or check on systems and make sure it is safe and compliant (per legal obligations to do so)
  • Take a vessel to a marina or boat shed for repairs or servicing
  • Pick up vessel from a marina or boat shed after servicing
  • Move a vessel between marinas or moorings for relocation purposes

AGM and Skippers meeting

Conducted vis ZOOM on 30-August-2021
Minutes of AGM and Skippers

Entries 2021-2022 series

In order to resume sailing as quickly as possible after the restrictions are lifted, we ask that skippers enter here now for the Summer Twilight, Short Haul, Short Ocean and Boat Harbour series.

Declaration for Cat 4&5 Sunday races

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Audits for 2021-2022 Season

In light of the likely trajectory of the Covid restriction, it is very unlikely that we will be able to audit boats, as currently planned,  on the weekend of the 28-29 August.

Australian Sailing has recommended that Clubs planning for racing should consider giving owners an extra six months by accepting audit forms 6 months beyond their 30th June expiry date.  Please see link .
For the coming season RMYC-PHS will:

  • Accept properly completed Audits dated to 30 June 2021 for racing until 31st December 2021 for Cat 4, 5 and 7 races.
  • For Cat 4 and 5 races we require an Additional declaration, from any skipper’s taking part, that the boat has the full complement of PFD’s shown on the previous Audit on board and that the PFD’s have been serviced, in the manner required for an Audit, since May 2021.

Glenn Smith, Chief Special Regulations Auditor

Available Crew List

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Rule 46 changes from 2022

Changes RRS 46.
From January 2022 all competitors in any race are required to be a member of a club. Read more

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Tender service pick-up

Skippers who have their yachts on moorings should drop crew at the marina and return to their mooring with just enough crew to moor. This way the tender makes less trips to service all yachts. Dropped crew can notify the driver of crew from moored yachts and can be achieved in less time with nobody forgotten.