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Bate Bay Short Haul Race 5 (12-Dec-2021).
Twi-light Series Race 10 (8-Dec-2021)
Short Ocean Race 4 (6-Feb-2022)
Boat Harbour Series Race 4 (6-Feb-2022)
Wed. Afternoon Race 1
Sunday Winter Race 1

Racing from 20th October 2021

From Wednesday 20th October Sailing after race presentations will recommence in the clubhouse.

Entry into the clubhouse will require access via the front doors only to allow sign in and checking of vaccination certificates etc.
The club has its own Covid Safety Plan; Liam the manager has provided the following advice;
"Must wear a mask when moving around the venue, i.e. approaching the bar, bistro, reception, toilets etc. Masks not required at your table eat/drinking. Must remain seated, can stand outside".

Available Crew List

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Tender service pick-up

Skippers who have their yachts on moorings should drop crew at the marina and return to their mooring with just enough crew to moor. This way the tender makes less trips to service all yachts. Dropped crew can notify the driver of crew from moored yachts so P/U's can be achieved in less time with nobody forgotten.
Sailing Christmas party - 15-Dec-2021


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Sailgp off Sydney Harbour


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Possible Cruise - New Year?


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Safety Audits

Yachts not audited must make arrangements with an auditor before 2022.
To race Yachts must have a valid audit form or

  • Yachts to have properly completed Audits dated to 30 June 2021 for racing until 31st December 2021 for Cat 4, 5 and 7 races.
  • For Cat 4 and 5 races we require a declaration, from skipper’s, that the boat has the full complement of PFD’s on board and that they have been serviced.

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