Racing Dates 2023-2024

Wednesday Twilight Current series start at 5:30pm

Sunday - Short Haul Race 5, 10-December-2023
Sunday Short Ocean Race 3, 3-December-2023
Sunday Boat Harbour Race 3, 3-December-2023
Wednesday afternoons 3pm all Wednesdays AEST.

Sunday - Winter races 1300 hours. 2023 Completed

Australian Sailing Number (ASN)

All competitors in any race must be a member of a club or be a temporary SailPass member as per rule 46.
This centres around duty of care, safety and insurance for injury, accident or financial loss.
This also gives us information about who is racing which is an important part of our approach to safety.
It's the Skipper's responsibility to ensure crew have an ASN to be eligible to race/receive prizes.

Tender Procedure

  1. Observe maximum number of 9.
  2. Check sailing roster for Wed. afternoons.
  3. Skippers to drop most crew on marina.
  4. Tender will drop remaining crew to closest point on the marina to save time.
  5. Crew to ensure skippers are picked up.
  6. This way we can get all ashore quickly and not forget anyone.
AUDLEY  - 16th-17th DEC.

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