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Twi-light Series Race 9, 22-Dec.-2020 Start: 6:00pm
Short Haul race Race 5, 13-Dec-2020 Start: 13:30pm
Short Ocean race Race 4, 10-Jan-2021 Start: 12:30pm
Harbour Series Race 4, 10-Jan-2021 Start: 13:30pm

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RMYC requests to comply with COVID-19 rules.
Each Skipper needs to use the tab below to book their own crew table after each race as follows;

first name: Boats Name, last name: SAILOR.

Wednesdays will be grouped accordingly.
On Sundays the south marina arm will be booked for after race presentation between 4 and 6pm.
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Expired Marine Flare Disposal

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Crossing the Pacific “Safely”

You are invited to a talk by Gordan and Louise Coates at RMYC- Port Hacking on Monday 7th December 6.30pm – 7.30pm (Dinner from 7.30pm)Larrakin
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Gordon and Louise Coates picked up the Elba 45 catamaran vessel and sailed it from Saint-Tropez in the south of France, to Gibraltar, where they picked up a friend, and then on to the Canary Islands, across the Atlantic Ocean to Martinique, through the Panama Canal and on to Tahiti, are relieved to be back with family and friends after the coronavirus pandemic hit while they were sailing a catamaran home from France.
The last leg of their 13,500 kilometre "bucket list" voyage was extremely harrowing for Gordon and Louise Coates. After going through the Panama Canal, they sailed to Tahiti but were forbidden to land on any of the outer islands. "We put our faith in technology, including our satellite communication system, and the seaworthiness of the boat”.
Twenty-eight days later, and after sailing through the tail end of Cyclone Harold, they arrived at Southport in Queensland, where they were ordered into hotel isolation.

Last Twilight for 2020

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Racing Rules of Sailing

The new Racing Rules of Sailing (Blue Book) including the Australian Sailing Prescriptions have been published to the website.
Changes to the rules are explained here.