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Sunday Short Ocean Program 2022-2023

Race Start Type Date Course Description Start Time Course Comment
SO1 Scratch 24-Sept-23 Captain Cook Buoy 11:30 AEST 20 Completed
SO2 Scratch 22-Oct-23 Marley/Wattamolla 12:30 AEDT 26/21
SO3 Scratch 3-Dec-23 BB - Yellow Mk - WR - B&F 12:30 AEST 23
NPS Scratch 20-Jan-2024 Navigators Cup TBA TBA CSC race series.
SO4 Scratch 17-Feb-24 Port Jackson-Port Hacking 12:30 AEDT 30
SO5 Scratch 18-Feb-24 Port Hacking-Port Jackson 11:00 AEDT 25/27
SO6 Scratch 31-Mar-24 Burning Palms/Wattamolla 11:00 AEDT 64/21

Race Logger track on Founders Day 2023


Duty Officer – John Barter
Duty Skipper – David Cartmer  (24-Sept-2023)
Finish Time: – Race Logger/SMS-0418 253 479

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Otherwise, you must send to 0418253479 your finish time in 24 hour format as follows; "sail# hh:mm:ss boats-name" asap after finish. Help call 0418 253 479.