Short Haul of 10 races in Bate Bay.
This is our premier weekend series and allows yachts to compete together in a single race. Races are roughly every two weeks with provision for a [Boat Harbour] series or a [Short Ocean] series.
Perpetual trophies for Overall Summer, Spring and Autumn series. Timed starts used to bring the fleet home together. Results use TCF for corrected time.
Presentation and camaraderie takes place after each race.

Short Ocean series of 6 races between Port Jackson and Burning Palms.
There is approximately one race every five weeks over summer where skippers sail offshore. Yachts start and finish off Bass and Flinders Point. These races require category 4 audits and have a time limit of sunset.

Boat Harbour series of 5 races in Bate Bay (alternative to Short Ocean series).
Provided for skippers not wishing to sail offshore and is run concurrently with the Short Ocean series. This race has timed starts. This is also perfect for skippers to race about every five weeks.
Duration approximately 2 hours.

Winter series of 6-7 races with the option of spinnakers or not in the winter months.
The races will commence around 1300 hours and has a timed start with results calculated on corrected elapsed time.
The duration of the race is approximately two hours.

4-Wednesday Twilight series (eastern summer time)
5-Wednesday Afternoons (eastern standard time)

Twilight series of 24 non-spinnaker races during daylight saving time.
Start for first boat at 5:30 or 6 pm.
Afternoon series of 26 non-spinnaker races in eastern standard time.
Start for first boat at 3 pm.
These races use a timed start with the results recorded as each boat crosses the finish line. The duration of both races is approximately one and a half hours.