Skippers Roster 2023-2024

The Race Committee (Section 3 Definitions)
The Race Committee shall consist of the Vice Captain, Chief Special Regulations Auditor and one(1) Duty Skipper representing a nominated Yacht for that day.

On race days the Race Committee is responsible for the race management including observing weather forecasts in the race area (Section 7).
The committee will also receive protests and ensure any incident reporting is made according to NSW Roads and Maritime Services (Section 11).

The Duty Skipper shall be a financial member of R.M.Y.C Port Hacking - Sailing Division.

A roster of Duty Yachts and Skippers is maintained by the Vice Captain and is displayed on the Clubs Sailing Division website and Sailing Division Notice Board.

Date Description Yacht Duty Skipper Notes
10-Sept-2023 Bate Bay Passage Excentric Mike Wolf Short Haul
24-Sept-2023 Capt. Cook Buoy Majella David Cartmer Combined race with CSC
8-Oct-2023 Bate Bay Passage One Jared Macquart Short Haul
22-Oct-2023 Wattamolla Inception Andy Chilton
5-Nov-2023 Bate Bay Passage Reve Bill Dickson Short Haul
19-Nov-2023 Bate Bay Passage Etre Jeune Richard Stock Short Haul
3-Dec-2023 Botany Bay Yellow Mark Yknot David Newton Yellow Mark/Boat Harbour
10-Dec-2023 Bate Bay Passage Regatta Michael Meehan Last before Christmas
Christmas Break
14-Jan-2024 Bate Bay Passage Inception Andy Chilton Short Haul
4-Feb-2024 Bate Bay Passage Yknot David Newton Short Haul
17-18-Jan-2024 Port Jackson Kite Runner John Zagame Overnight CYCA
3-Mar-2024 Bate Bay Passage marri nuwi Alistair Rowe Short Haul
17-Mar-2024 Bate Bay Passage Starship Brent Vaughan Short Haul
24-Mar-2024 Burning Palms/Watamolla Excentric Mike Wolf Short Ocean and Harbour
7-Apr-2024 Bate Bay Passage Etre Jeune Richard Stock Short Haul