Logo Style Guide


This Style Guide governs the correct and approved use of the RMYC-Port Hacking Sailing (“RMYC-PHS”) logo and marks.  It is for the guidance of members, sponsors, and other relevant parties who have been granted approval to use the RMYC-PHS logo.
Unless otherwise approved in writing by the PHS Committee, use of logo or mark which represents a departure from below is strictly prohibited.

  1. The standardised sizes of the logo contained herein
  2. The fixed Aspect Ratios contained herein
  3. The direction of the logo as contained herein
  4. The approved PMS colours contained herein

The use by any person failing to comply with this fundamental requirement will be liable to reimburse any costs associated with the correction, rectification, re-manufacturing and/or withdrawal of the offending material incurred by RMYC-PHS or the RMYC.
Approval of use of marks and logos can be obtained from the Treasurer at treasurer@sailing-rmycph.org.au

PMS Colours and Font in logos

“Port Hacking Sailing” upper case using Nexa Bold font.

 C:100, M:82, Y:42, K:39
R:12, G:46, B:78
Hex: #0c2e4e

C:9, M:53, Y:97, K 0
R:226, G:138, B:42
Hex: #e28a2a


Icon Style
The only permitted versions of the PHS Icon are:

Sailing boat logo Aspect Ratio {H:W} 1.1 : 1

Icon 01

Icon 02

LOGO DESIGN Portrait Style

Sailing boat logo with "RMYC-Port Hacking Sailing"  "Nexa Bold" font.

For Use at Club, on Yachts, Promotional Days.

Portrait Aspect Ratio {H:W} 1.4 : 1.0


Design 01

Design 02

LOGO DESIGN Landscape Style

Sailing boat logo with "RMYC-Port Hacking Sailing" using "Nexa Bold"font.

For Use at Club, on Yachts, Promotional Days.

Landscape Aspect Ration {H:W} 1.0 : 2.0


Design 03

Design 04


Typeset for letters should be Nexa 11pt; otherwise use: Century Gothic, 11pt
Logo design 03 - sized 50mm x 25mm


Flags Flown from Flag Poles.

Replace 'PORT HACKING' with revised (lower) 'RMYC Port HAcking'for new orders.

Style format – Logo Design 04, on PMS blue background with letters adjacent to flag pole edge of flag.
Aspect Ratio – {H:W} = 1.0 : 2.0.

Design 03 should not be used as it lacks boldness against sky background.
Flag sizing should follow the general rule that the pole is 3 times the length of the flag. For example: a 2 metre flag should be flown from a 6 metre pole. For further information regarding pole sizing see  here.


A burgee is a distinguishing flag, regardless of its shape, of a recreational boating organization.
In most cases, they have the shape of a pennant. Members belonging to a sailing organization may fly their club's unique burgee both while underway and at anchor (however, not while racing). Sailing vessels may fly the burgee from the main masthead or from a lanyard under the starboard spreader on the mast. Power boats fly the burgee off a short staff on the bow.
Icon-01 on dark blue background with white letters"PHS" as shown.  Size for boats {H:W} = 300mm : 450mm. see here.


Sailing boat logo with "RMYC-Port Hacking Sailing" using "Nexa Bold"font.
For Use at Club, on Yachts, Promotional Days.
Style Format - Design 03 or 04 depending on background.
Landscape Aspect Ration {H:W} 1.0 : 2.0

Design 03

Design 04


Click to enlarge

Dressing Ship
Flag etiquette afloat can be a test of the knowledge, good taste and competency of the skipper. There are a number of "dos" and "don’ts" of flag etiquette for those who want to display correctly as different to merely hanging anything off the mast. A good example of bad etiquette is for a corporate or company vessel to fly the company flag from the stern (ensign) staff or gaff. Likewise, flying a foreign flag (wearing false colours) from this position is a grave breach of protocol, and in some countries would result in being arrested. The correct and only flag that should be flown from the stern or the gaff on Australian vessels is the Australian National Flag (blue) or the Australian Red Ensign.
Under the Federal Shipping Registration Act, 1981, the Australian Red Ensign was retained as the national colours of Australia’s merchant ships. Private pleasure craft were given the option of using this Red Ensign or the Australian National Flag. It is recommended that private craft wear the Red Ensign in home waters but use the national colours when overseas.
On national holidays and on special occasions it is suggested that private boats can join in the festive spirit and "dress ship". This is done with the international code of signal flags. On such a day the Red Ensign, or National Flag, should be raised on the stern (ensign) staff or peak of the gaff staff. Another can be flown at the masthead. There are 40 international code flags which can be flown on a dressing line from stem to stern. The code flag dressing lines should be kept taut with the flags evenly spaced and in the pattern recommended by the Royal Yachting Association.


The racing pennant – the existing pennant to be flown on yachts racing with Port Hacking Sailing shall continue to be used – as per Section 5, paragraph 20 of the Racing Handbook. Pennants must be displayed from a boat's backstay or, if no backstay, from some conspicuous location on the starboard side whenever possible. Once the current flags stock run-out the racing flag will be replaced with the new colours.

The club Burgee must not be flown whilst racing.


Logo Design 04 (transparent Design-04.png file) is to be used on mid to dark T-Shirts.
Logo Design 03 (transparent Design-03.png file) is to be used on white and mid to light coloured T-Shirts
Size:  Logo should be 90mm x 45mm - no smaller than than 80mm x 40mm and no larger than 100mm x 50mm.
Positioned on Left Hand side of T-shirt/shirt. Top of logo should be approximately 100mm below top of the Tab Front of collar, in line with bottom/third button.
The words “RMYC Port Hacking” and ‘Sailing Division’ beneath are no longer to be used.
Embroidery of individual yacht name is to be positioned (at the owners discretion) either on the sleeve of the T-shirt or back of T-shirt just beneath the collar - sizing should be between 80mm to 100mm in length.
Right hand side of T-shirt is to be used for sponsor’s logo where relevant and should align with the PHS logo.

Design 03 or Design 04


Logo Design 02 with PHS writing (transparent Design-02.png) is to be used on dark Caps.
It is preferable that caps are coloured a dark blue, as near as possible to dark blue as per PMS specification.
Whilst not preferred, Logo Design 01 (transparent Design-01.png) is to be used on white and mid to light coloured Caps. On Caps, there is no requirement to include ‘RMYC Port Hacking’.
Size is:  Logo should be no smaller than 45mm x 64mm and no larger than 55mm x 75mm (dependent on size/style of cap).
Positioned on Centre front of cap.

Design 02

Sponsor & Advertiser Use of Logo

Approved sponsors are entitled for the period during which they act as a current sponsor of PHS, to include reference to their sponsorship in their respective advertising and promotional material including websites.
Use of the logo must comply with this style guide in respect specifically to colours, style and format, aspect ratios and font.
In the case of advertisers, use of the logo needs to be approved by a relevant PHS Committee Member prior to its use, publication, etc. The current Committee Member responsible for logo approval is: The Treasurer, Tim Dodds at treasurer@sailing-rmyph.org.au or 0418.648555.