Broad-water Classic Course

Broad-water Instructions

Course Instructions:
The start time is 12 noon in the summer (Daylight Saving) and 11:00am in Winter (EST)
The course consists of two triangles and a sausage.

The start/finish line is marked by the yellow Wednesday buoys - directly in front of the Broadwater Yacht Club.
The second mark (Yellow mark) will be laid to the west in the vicinity of Farnell Bight.
The third mark is a yellow buoy near the blue police mooring near the baths off Lilli Pilli point.
From the start sail west to the second yellow mark and round to port, then sail to the third yellow mark and round to port then sail north and pass through the start/finish line rounding to port this completes the first triangle.
Then complete a second triangle.
The last leg is sailed from the start/finish line to the second yellow mark rounding to port and then directly to finish line in front of the Broadwater Yacht Club.

The Port Hacking Open Sailing Club (Yowie Bay) has a Sunday race that starts at 1:30pm and mainly involves small dinghies. If you encounter any of these boats be courteous and stay well clear.

Bad Weather
In the event of bad weather, we may delay the start until we are happy with the conditions.
If the weather forecast is unsuitable the day before the scheduled race, a notice will be posted on the web along with alternative plans.

Shortened course
The race will be limited to 1.5 hours from the scheduled start. If the first boat hasn't finished by this time the finish will be taken at the next mark.

Berthing after the race
Berthing will be arranged after the race. Do not rush in, wait till you have been allocated a berth. This way we can accommodate the maximum number of yachts.

Entry Conditions
After Race - Picnic Party.

Each vessel is required to submit a bottle of wine ($10 - $20 value) or something else equivalent upon arrival at the BBQ. These will then be presented as prizes when the last crew arrives.

These prizes of red should be consumed at the BYC or left behind on departure for the remaining crews; the idea is to promote social gathering rather than win prizes.

There are a number of moorings that are often spare in Turriell Bay, and we will have a tender to help those on moorings come ashore.
For those not familiar with the bay, it is a 60 foot sandy bottom, so anchoring may be difficult.

Bring your own food and drinks.
A BBQ is available, but there are limited chairs and tables, so please help by bringing tables and chairs if possible.

Access is available by road. The address is the corner of Turriell Bay Road and Wareemba Place Lilli Pilli. Park your car and walk around the house on the water side and you will find an inclinator that will take you to the waterfront.

Please clean up after yourself when you depart, and remove your own rubbish.
Some condiments, plates, knives forks will be provided.