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Award Night of Nights 2022

Celebrating the 2021-22 year of sailing. Saturday 14th May 2022 from 6.30pm – 7pm for pre-dinner drinks.  Awards & prizes, 3 course meal and entertainments (excluding drinks) –$60 per head.

Early bird – special – Book and pay in one transaction (online) for whole table of 10 by 6 May 2022 - 2 bottles of wine will be provided to table (1 red/1 white)

Book and pay now at RMYC Port Hacking reception desk or through  select date 14 May and Sailing Presentation Night.

When booking please provide name of yacht (you sail on), name of ‘associate’ yacht if you want to share a table, name of attendees (if available), and any dietary requirements with name of relevant attendee.

If you are looking to makeup numbers to complete a table of 10, we have a list of VIPs looking to join fun tables.  If you want details, please contact Tim Dodds on 0418.648555 after 13/4/2022.

Our Awards Night is themed come dressed as your favourite person, character or thing starting with “P, H or S” –– get your imaginative juices working, dress up, and have some fun. Best dressed prizes female, male and table.  Please note no confetti or similar products on tables/decorations/balloons.

Remember to nominate for the following awards – refer website home page for Nomination Link:

Most Improved Crew

Only when Sailing Award

Australia Day 2022

There will not be a Wednesday Twilight race this Australia Day.
A novice skippers race will be held on the Broadwater at 1300All skippers and boats are welcome.
There will be a novice skippers/regular NPS race on the Broadwater on Australia Day.
The start will be 1pm to assist all boats navigating up-river and home again.
There will be a pursuit start commencing at 1300 for the Broadwater course.
Entry fee will be a bottle of wine.

BoatNovice SkipperMobileRequests/CommentsStart timePlace
MajellaChris Milross0407367978Will bring table and chairs13:071
InceptionDave Charlton0400235015Will eat on boat13:042
PossibleDreamBarb Anderson0419441201Return to marina13:003
SharonaRoslyn Rowland 043726768313:034
L'attitudeElizabeth Henwood04182534795 tables and 14 chairs13:155
ReveLynden Dickson042892707113:036
MangroveJackJeanette Wilson040085408813:117
MultihullCentralMax Roberts041867075113:188

The fabulous LDL band will be playing Australian songs let by Andy in which all are encourage to join in the singing.
We may be inviting crew to perform in Australia Day entertainment. This can be in the form of Australian food, stories, poems, yarns or traditions etc.
The tides will allow yacht with a 2.1m draft to travel after 11:30am and to return before 6pm.. Please ask for help if unfamiliar with channels.
Boats will be allocated a position on pontoons or moorings if preferred.
Overnight moorings could be found for yachts staying over.
A tender service will available to take crew ashore if required.

  • Entries: Reve, Possible Dream, L'attitude, Inception, Sharona, Majella, Multihull Central and Mangrove Jack.
  • SMS No: If it fits, Brand X, Pandemonium, Rhumb Line, marri nuwi, Endless Summer, Excentric, Regatta, Crest, Yknot, Aeolus, Axiom

Berthing Plan (Boats should face south)

  1. L'attitude will return to the slips. Please hold berthing till L'a in place.
  2. Inception
  3. Reve
  4. Mangrove Jack
  5. Sharona
  6. Majella
  7. Multihull Central

Bring your stories, poems, food to celebrate Australia.
Toilets and BBQ ashore. The pool available to swim.

Thank you John and Margaret for again hosting a lovely Australia Day and also thanks to Andy and LDL band. A little quieter due to Covid but a lovely day had by all Majella crew.

Many thanks to you John and Margaret for hosting and including Bruce and I. Barbara

Thanks John for a great Australia Day. Bill Dickson

Audley December 2021

Hello Cruisers;
Looking forward to this weekends cruise to to Audley.
The plan is for yachts to make their way on the rising tide to Audley and anchoring near the jetty at Pool Flat. Returning on the rising tide on Sunday.

Alternatively those with plenty of time may wish to arrive on the Friday or depart on the Monday.
Note; Yachts to observe the tide height and draft to navigate up river.
In the afternoon intending to have activities on land or just sit and enjoy the afternoon with fellow sailors.

Those who have beach cricket, boules etc please bring.
At 6pm we plan to have a BBQ at the shelter adjacent to the Audley Dance Hall.
BYO your own food, drink with pre-dinner nibbles to share.
Any one with a guitar or other musical instrument please bring along for a "sing song”.
Any questions or further suggestions for the weekend please contact me.
Regards…Bill (Dickson) Mob. 0428927071

Boats participating:

  1. Reve - Bill Dickson
  2. Majella - David Cartmer
  3. marri nuwi - Alisdair Rowe
  4. L'attitude - John Barter
  5. Chinook - Peter Rochaix
  6. Axiom - Don Parker
  7. Katmazu - Chris Morgan
  8. Sharona - Richard Stock

Can't make it by sea yacht, land yacht welcome?

NOTE: A 1.8m draft needs a 1.3m tide.
Please adjust for your draft.
(2.1m draft should get there on 1.6m tide).
Additional information will be provided here shortly.
Yachts to raft stern to Pool Flats as per photo.
See one past event at Audley here.

Comments from the day!!
A great weekend at Audley with good sailing friends.
How blessed we are to live in paradise.
Thanks for all your organising.
Much appreciated, Peter and Lesley

Many thanks for making the Audley cruising event so enjoyable. I love the coasters by the indigenous artist, Melissa Hava. A modern twist on traditional art.
Sorry we failed the quiz.
Thanks again, Ginny and Jim

Photos by Majella

Awards Night and Dinner

Greetings Port Hacking Sailing Member, 
The sailing committee invites all to celebrate at the presentation dinner.

Please make-up boat tables and respond with your booking now. Don't forget to nominate boats and crew for the
new awards.

Awards Night of Nights Dinner
Celebrating the 2020-21 year of sailing. Saturday 22nd May 2021 from 6.30pm – 7pm for pre-dinner drinks. Awards and prizes, 3 course meal and entertainment (excluding drinks) – only $50 per head.

Early bird – special – Book and pay in one transaction (online) for whole table of 10 by 15 May 2021 - 2 bottles of wine will be provided to table (1 red/1 white).

When booking please provide name of yacht (you sail on), name of ‘associate’ yacht if you want to share a table, name of attendees (if available), and any dietary requirements with name of relevant attendee.

Book and pay now at RMYC Port Hacking reception desk or <Book now by Clicking Here>.

Our Awards Night is themed “Icons of the Seas” – any person, thing or event – get your imaginative juices working, dress up, and have some fun. Best dressed prizes female, male and table.

Remember to nominate for the following awards on the home page.
Most Improved Crew
Only when Sailing Award

We look forward to celebrating the season and recognising the winning boats, crews and members.

Yours in Sailing RMYC Port Hacking Sailing Committee

Whale Watch 2021

Neville Wittey on Improvement

You are invited to attend the upcoming presentation How To Improve Your Yacht's Performance

The night is intended to provide hints tips and feedback on how to improve your yacht performance.

Neville Wittey is an Olympic champion, America's Cup captain, winner of multiple national and world championships amongst many other accolades -

Neville will be observing, photographing and videoing the racing yachts during our Wednesday Twilight races in March, to get feedback on your yacht, please sail the twilight race series.

We also invite you to stay for dinner, a drink and an informal chat after. Look forward to seeing you there.

Alistair Rowe,

Sailing Captain

South Coast Cruise

Yachts are planning to cruise the south Coast of NSW.

Schedule to start from Port Hacking on March 8th.

Departing from Port Hacking and cruising to such destinations as Crookhaven Heads, Jervis Bay, Ulladulla, Bateman’s Bay, Moruya, Bermagui and arriving Eden by the 17th of March.

Similar ports on the return journey arriving back in Port Hacking around 26th March.

An invitation is extended to other interested yachts to join for the South Coast cruise or part of.

If interested please contact either Bruce Munro from “Amazing Grace” or Bill Dickson from “Rêve” for more details.

The cruise is not directly associated with the RMYCPH-sailing and therefore it is the discretion of the individuals to participate.


Novice Skippers and Australia Day 2021

Novice Skippers race on the Broadwater will take place on Australia day.
Each yacht to organise their own BBQ/Picnic and remain on board.
Start times will be displayed the day before.
After the race we will make our way to a calm location to be advised on the day;
We will be in close company but complying with the COVID directions.
Bring your swimming gear as it will be hot and we should be able to swim from the yachts.
The band will operate from Inception and song sheets will be distributed so we expect all to be in fine voice.
Bring your stories, poems or just be Australian. Prizes for each performance (and the race).
Entry: A bottle of wine.


  • Race for all skippers who have not won a race or cannot remember.
  • BBQ/Picnic after on board each yacht.
  • Music by the famous Chilton band.
  • Bring your favourite Australian stories, Poems, Food and good humour for all to hear or see.
  • Entry by bottle, prizes for winners and bottles circulated for best presentations.
  • Tides perfect for morning and evening runs to the Broadwater.
  • Please submit your interest on the entry form below.
  • Location for raft-up will be published prior to Australia Day.
  • Course on the Broadwater - See Racing Handbook (Section 21) Page 62 for racing instructions or click here.

More information: Contact John Barter mob: 0418 253 479 email:

Australia Day 2021 Entries

BoatNovice SkipperMobileRequestsStart timePlace
Mangrove JackJohn Duff0400 854 08812:081
MajellaChris Milross0407 367 978May leave after the race.12:052
SharonaRoslyn Rowland 0437 267 68312:023
ReveLynden Dickson0428 927 071May require mooring12:034
InceptionDave Charlton0400 235 01512:045
Possible DreamAngus Gibson0419 441 201Late cancellation12:00DNC
ExcentricTBA0439 139 672Cancelled entry12:13DNC
L'attitudeMargi Clarke0418 25 37912:15RET

Can't make it this time:
Matt Short, Yknot, Rhumb Line, Wild Goose, Endless Summer, Axiom, Chillout, Excentric (late scratching).

Print Race Instructions and Berthing Plan

Your Comments:
John, thanks very much for organising a fantastic day, my crew and myself had a fun day with just the right mix of drama and fun! Cheers Richard for Sharona