Sunday Passage Series - Sponsored by Newton Real Estate

Winter Program - Spinnaker and Non-spinnaker combined

Race Day Date Course Nominal Time Comment
WTR1 Sunday 5-May-19 9/10/Alt 13:00 AEST PHGFC presentation/sailing - CANCELLED
 12-May-19 Mothers Day
WTR2 Sunday 19-May-19 Alternate 5 13:00 AEST Completed -Light E to SE winds 4-7 knots
Saturday 25-May-19 Presentation Night
WTR3 Sunday 2-Jun-19 Alternate 1 13:00 AEST Completed - Light S winds 4-8 knots
Sunday 9-Jun-19 June long weekend (8-9th J24 Championships)
WTR4 Sunday 16-Jun-19 9/10/Alt 13:00 AEST Cancelled - Rain and lack of wind.
WTR5 Sunday 30-Jun-19 9/10/Alt 13:00 AEST Completed
WTR6 Sunday 14-Jul-19 9/10/Alt 13:00 AEST Completed - 25k W, course alternate-1
WTR7 Sunday 28-Jul-19 9/10/Alt 13:00 AEST Completed - South 12-18 knots, course 9,


Duty Officer: John Barter
Course: L'attitude
Buoy Pickup: 1st mark "E", 2nd mark "C"
Crew Available: David Cartmer
Presentation: RMYC 4pm

Please use Race Logger

If race logger shows "Sent" for SMS do no more. Otherwise you must send to 0418253479 your finish time in 24 hour format asap after finishing as follows; "sail# hh:mm:ss yacht"
Configuration available a day prior to each race. Help call 0418 253 479