Sunday Non-Spinnaker series

Program - Non-Spinnaker series

Race Day Date Course Nominal Time Harbour Comment
NPS Sunday 10-Sept-17 9/10/Alt 12:30 AEST Series Founders Trophy
NS1 Sunday 24-Sept-17 9/10/Alt 12:30 AEST   Completed
NS2 Sunday 8-Oct-17 9/10/Alt 13:30 AEDT Yes Completed
NS3 Sunday 29-Oct-17 9/10/Alt 13:30 AEDT   Completed
NS4 Sunday 19-Nov-17 9/10/Alt 13:30 AEDT Yes Completed
NS5 Sunday 10-Dec-17 9/10/Alt 13:30 AEDT   Completed Spring Series
NS6 Sunday 14-Jan-18 9/10/Alt 13:30 AEDT Yes Cancelled due to high seas/wind
NS7 Sunday 4-Feb-18 9/10/Alt 13:30 AEDT   Completed
NS8 Sunday 18-Feb-18 9/10/Alt 13:30 AEDT Yes Completed
NS9 Sunday 4-Mar-18 9/10/Alt 13:30 AEDT   Cancelled expected high winds
NS10 Sunday 18-Mar-18 9/10/Alt 13:30 AEST Yes Completed

Harbour series

A five race series will be run within the Non-spinnaker overall series on the days the Short Haul yacht race offshore. The Short Haul yachts will also have a Short Ocean series within their overall series.

Race Logger

Race logger will start automatically and record your track with time markers.
RL is necessary to record finish time for weekend series and could be useful for protests. Help call 0418 253 479


Duty Officer: John Barter
Course: L'attitude

Prizes and Results

Prizes presented as boats cross the line.
Series result on TCF calculation. 
See handbook for full handicapping details.
email pictures to Newton's  here

Racing Handbook

Please carry racing handbook at all times for race instructions and other important emergency information.