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Glenn Smith, This looks like it will all work and it all fits.  I have a question from my reading of the Weekend Sailing Program 2018-2019 attachment.  I could not see any start and finish line information (points 5,6,7 for most races), for the Short Ocean races/courses.  Are they covered in a separate part of the book? Thanks Glenn

JB Reply 1, Thank you for your input. Section 15 pages refers to cat 5 races in Bate Bay. Cat 4 and 3 need to use the instructions in the main body of the handbook (unchanged).
I included the cat 4 races in section 15 to keep the program together. I will make changes to clarify, so it’s clear for all the other requirements of offshore races.
The courses 9 and 10 in section 15 are also modified from the courses 9 and 10 elsewhere in the book. This may need attention. Also, the course description has two options Spinnaker and Non-spinnaker. This might suit us best if it were Summer and Winter or Long and Short. The first concern is the principle for racing next year, I will work on the tidy-up of instructions as comments come in. JB

Glenn Reply 2, I agree with your assessment, that at this stage most important to get the principle for racing next year sorted.  I have no further questions in that regard. I also agree that the descriptions “Spinnaker” and “Non-Spinnaker” may not be compatible with how the various courses are now going to be used.  It is confusing to those without the recent history to understand why a boat with a spinnaker up might be participating on a Non-Spinnaker course.  I think “Long” and “Short” might require the least explanation to anyone who is new. I am happy to help with the editing or review of the book when the time comes.

Alistair Rowe,  This looks a good proposal, let's hope we get lots of boats getting there cat 4 safely, and entering the bell boy race up to Botany Bay, on our opening day. Commented of the unbalance of trophies towards the weekend series.
Weekend racing will be for 5 trophies, whereas there is only one trophy for the twilights! This seasons entries for Wednesday twilights have been 30 plus entries , with the Weekend races getting about 15 entries?
So to balance things out, I think we should consider awarding 2 additional trophy for the twilights, say for the Spring and Autumn series. Do we have any spare trophies? What about a dismasting award?

David Cartmer, the suggested program looks good. Personally I would like to see the winter series on Sundays expanded. I know we need to try and encourage more entrants but if you can't make the early Wednesday races then there is a long gap in the program.

Jared Macquart, Looks good. Maybe we could combine a racing and cruising activity together. By having race to Pittwater on a long weekend, stay at the RMYC broken bay. On the middle Day have a picnic raft up somewhere on Pittwater or at Patonga pub. Then race back on the Monday. If the weather is better to race / return on the Sunday that is an option to. I think it could be a pursuit start allowing the smaller/ slower boats to get away a bit earlier and larger boats a bit later. Should be a race that allows extras eg spinnakers code 0s. The prize giving and camaraderie at RMYC-BB should focus on boats that sailed well for the class as well ask acknowledging those that went well on performance. Would be good if it could be cat5 race.

Rex Levi, Agree that Wednesday Summer (and winter) Twilight works a treat.I do like Gary's idea for buoy pickup. That should minimise time waiting for slower boats and also minimise confusion. I would like to suggest that communication by VHF made mandatory. A hand held waterproof unit starts about $120. Our captains and crew also enjoy Sundays (summer and winter) but we often struggle to fit everything into our social calendars. We enjoy the current format and find it a great opportunity to introduce beginners, wives etc) to casual racing. For that reason, we are white sails only. Otherwise, we are happy to go with the flow - Thanks all. Rex - Mangrove Jack

Jim Lupton, The handbook looks great, as usual.  I have a few editorial suggestions (I would!) Page 12 2(c) Suggest editorial mod in blue, c)  The variation may be advised orally on the water (either by hailing or by radio).  If there is a Race Committee boat on station, it shall hoist code flag "L" (Lima)  before the warning signal. The variation(s) may also be advised by SMS if there is no Race Committee Boat. Page 40 Course 36 Flinders Islet & Ret Lat & Lon notation. I know I have used what I was lectured years ago re this; Lat 34d 27'.50 S. Suggest it be made common with the rest of the courses as in 34d 27.50 ' S. i.e the ' goes after the last decimal digit but before the S or E. Page 45, 46 Lat & Lon notation (again) suggest lower case  "e" or "s" be upper case. Page 51 Suggest remove (") at end of sentence. Page 64. Check Cruising Division website address.

Section 5 3 (d) does not sit right with current rule. Change to "The Race Committee may refuse the entry of any yacht in any race conducted by the club in accordance of RRS 2017-2020 rule 73."

Ralph Skelton, John I have reviewed sailing instructions for next year, all looks fine to me thanks for all your hard work.

John Bower, Can consideration be given to presenting a trophy to the most consistent sailor. Details of selection to follow.

SMS - Return YES or NO for 7 winter races.
Yes; Sweet Chariot, YKNOT, Mangrove Jack, Kite Runner, Inception, FUN, Majella, Airstream, L'attitude.
No; Nil

Warwick Taylor, could I talk to you one night thought 2 twilight races on a Saturday before a Sunday race with a barbecue after and a social night together I'll volunteer to start finish and drive tender after hours if club allows. Warwick

Gary Fielder
This is my suggestion to help sort out the Buoy pickup on Wednesday.
1st boat takes down places
2nd boat picks up 1st rounding buoy
3rd boat picks up 2nd rounding buoy
4th boat picks up start mark
5th boat picks up other start mark
Winning boat hails the 2nd to 5th place boats (excluding exempt boats) either by yelling or by radio of their buoy to pick up. I know this may not be perfect but it is a suggestion only as I know it is frustrating for you to keep bringing the same problem each week. All the best. Regards, Gary Fielder

Kevin Oldfield
I enjoyed this summer,s  Sunday Non Spinnaker series it’s a pity more of our yachts didn’t participate.
I share your frustration, I do not know the answer to increase fleet numbers. Following discussion after the last race on Sunday I have a suggestion.
Why not nominate 6 races from the Wednesday Twilight ( Pre Christmas ) say the Wednesday Twilight race before the following Sunday Non Spinnaker race and do the same after Christmas. Call the two series ( or one series over summer) the “Super Summer Series” both series ( or one series ) to have an attractive prizes  and overhaul winner. Maybe allow any two discards so that yachts that race every Wednesday twilight and for whatever reason can’t do every Sunday are not disadvantaged. Maybe this might encourage more yachts from the Twi-light/Afternoon fleets to participate on Sundays. Just a thought. Kevin Oldfield Eureka

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