RMYC and Sailing Member

Benefits of RMYC membership

By becoming a member of RMYC Port Hacking you can enjoy all of the facilities our club has to offer, as well as receiving voting privileges and eligibility to join sub-clubs and divisions, with RMYC voting rights. Read more about the types of RMYC Port Hacking members here.

Benefits of Sailing Membership

Sailing crew who sail more than 3 times in a season need to hold a current ASN (Australian Sailing Number). We encourage new crew to join the RMYC Port Hacking and the Sailing Division.
On joining the RMYC and Sailing Division you will receive your ASN along with the following benefits;

  • Personal Accident Insurance (through Sailing Australia)
  • Bar and Food Discounts
  • Member loyalty points
  • Car parking and Marina access
  • Free market appraisal from our Sponsor NEWTON Real Estate
  • $10 off any Uber trip to and from RMYC

How to proceed

The Application form alongside (left or above), provides for two scenarios to join sailing;

  1. Existing RMYC members (except social members) to join Port Hacking Sailing as  sailing boat owner or sailing crew.
  2. New applicants to join both RMYC and Port Hacking Sailing as sailing boat owner or sailing crew.

Please apply online via PC, Tablet or Smart phone (the form has been made smart phone friendly).

Your application will go directly to the front office and to PHS to update Australian Sailing.

The applicant will be emailed details of the amount and how to electronically transfer so your request to be reviewed by the board.

You will then be notified and registered with Australian Sailing.

Your  Australian Sailing Number (ASN) will be emailed to you or can be verified by clicking the Australian sailing logo (right or below).