Harbour Series

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Harbour Program

Non-Spinnaker Bate Bay Harbour Series (2019-2020)
Race Date Course (2019-2020) nM Start Cat Notes
HBR1 15-Sept-19 Alternate 3 11 1230 5 Founders - Completed
HBR2 20-Oct-19 Alternate 3 11 1330 5 Completed
HBR3 1-Dec-19 Alternate 3 11 1330 5 Completed
HBR4 12-Jan-20 Course 9 11 1330 5 Course 9, 2nd rounding Boat Harbour(p)
HBR5 1-Mar-20 Alternate 4 9.95 1330 5 Completed


Duty Officer: John Barter
Course: L'attitude
Duty Skipper: Andy Chilton 1-Mar-2020
Crew Placement: Gary Fielder

Play the rules

Race Logger

If race logger shows "Sent" for SMS do no more. Otherwise you must send to 0418253479 your finish time in 24 hour format as follows; "sail# hh:mm:ss boats-name" asap after finish.
Configuration available prior to each race.
1-Race Logger provides an accurate finish time as yacht crossed finish line.
2-It also provides information for GPS rounding.
3-It can also be valuable in protests as it can provide exact course and time for events on the water.

Help call 0418 253 479.