Club Championship Rules

Club Champion is the best overall performer over the full summer offshore series; either fully crewed or short handed; over a variety of courses redefined from time to time, to best encourage all member yachts to competitively participate.

Includes Summer Short Haul series, Short Ocean series and the Harbour Non-Spinnaker series. The winner will be the boat with the most number of first places. Ties will be broken by the most number of second place. If still tied, then the most number of third places and so on.

Club Champion - 2020-2021 (as of 12-April-2021)

7076YknotDavid Newton and Graeme Amey312131
38AeolusSteve Croft301102
2758Pied PiperTony Towndrow242163
8128Mangrove JackRex, Kyle, Brett and Nick214124
6940InceptionAndy Chilton21195
717L'attitudeJohn Barter140116
88MajellaDavid Cartmer12187
5384ExcentricMike Wolf11498
409AxiomDon Parker01029
3200SteadfastGlenn Smith003310

Yachts Performance 2020-2021 (12-April-2021)

Sail #Yachts NameSkipperPerformance %place
38AeolusSteve Croft108.91
2758Pied PiperTony Towndrow104.32
88MajellaDavid Cartmer104.32
409AxiomDon Parker99.14
6940InceptionAndy Chilton98.75
7076YknotDavid Newton and Graeme Amy97.76
3200SteadFastGlenn Smith97.47
8128Mangrove JackRex, Brett, Kyle and Nick97.28
717L'attitudeJohn Barter95.89
5384ExcentricMike Wolf92.910