Covid Plan

Return to Sailing Plan in a COVID Safe Environment.

Risk conditions to be followed till further notice.

The following is a summary of requirements which are detailed in the RMYC PH Sailing COVID-19 Plan updated 13th October 2021.-
Skippers need to ensure that their crews are briefed and comply with the requirements.
Skippers seen to be not complying may be considered a breach of Rule 69.1, Racing Rules of Sailing shall be denied race results and race entry.

  • Skippers to confirm that all crew of age 16 plus have a Australian Government certified fully vaccinated COVID-19 certificate. Skipper shall ensure that all crew age 16 plus carry a copy of their COVID-19 certificate at all times and can produce a copy if requested by a State Official or PH Sailing Committee Member.
  • Get in, Sail and get out; Sailors should come dressed to race. On completion drop off and return home.
  • Sharing of equipment (winch handle, sheets and halyards) should be avoided and if necessary, should be kept to a minimum.
  • Comply with one person per 2 square metres of deck space. Passing in the cockpit or on deck is permitted.
  • Follow the one person per 4 square metres for inside and 2 square metres for outside areas to ensure sufficient physical distancing between people.
  • Avoid physical contact.
  • Skippers to provide hand wash/sanitizer and ensure crew know the current COVID rules and restrictions.
  • Results will be on the web after each race.
  • No Official Sailing Presentations or Functions will be conducted until further Covid Restrictions are reviewed.
  • Skippers identified to be not complying with this Plan shall be denied race results and race entry.
  • Use of RMYC tender is subject to the Club rules with a minimum of 20 persons to gather on the marina.
  • We encourage the use of COVID Safe App whilst engaging in activities associated with PH Sailing.

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