Race Logger

Race Logger Description

Android App called - Race Logger
An android application to record a yachts track from pre-start to finish and to auto send a SMS of finishing time and an Email with detailed data including the track for race management.
Individual yachts can download race data via the app. Once the Race Logger app has been started it will start logging automatically and record the yachts track and SMS to finish time to race management.
Boat Details (1-3 only needs setting once for each boat)
Select menu and tap "Settings".That should initiate the settings screen displayed

  1. Type in your sail number.
  2. Type in your Boats Name.
  3. Fill in the Offset from Bow to Phone position. The distance in metres that your phone will be from the bow when you are racing (to calculate when bow crossed).

1-3 must be set up initially by each yacht.
Prior to each race the configuration can be downloaded and all the information needed is pre-loaded for the race.
The screen shot shows 1-3 above input once by the user.
All below finish Line is filled out by "Get RemoteCfg"
Before each race load the race configuration as follows;
From main menu select Get Remotecfg
User = RMYClubPH
Password = 09ewkd4
The User and Password only need entering initially.
A message will appear to confirm race data if successful.
Please check the energy / battery management options of your device and assure that Race Logger is white listed.

Detail of setup via Remote Cfg (Guide)

Finish Line

  • Make sure the finish line is ticked.
  • The latitude and longitude of each end of the finish line is correct for each race.
  • Choose finish line details from Choose finish line?
  • Setup delay after log starts automatically. If log is turned on after the start time the time starts from then. This prevents the logger attempting to calculate a finish time if you cross the line during the pre and immediate post start period. For most scratch starts this is set for 30 minutes. For pursuit starts this is set to 60 minutes after the first boat.
  • Ensure boxes are ticked for as shown; (Stop Log when crossing the line - tick) (Send finish line summary by email summary - tick) (Send SMS when crossing finish line - tick)

Email and SMS

  • Fill in Default Email address with a comma and space between emails; john.barter1@bigpond.com
  • Select Email, select fron system accounts. (not used) Loads Google Play emails into default email.
  • Fill in phone number(s) for SMS finish time with comma and space between mobile numbers.

Log Options

  • Select log types. Tick KLM and GPX
  • Default name
  • KLM/GPX trigger sets the default log rate. Use 5 metres. THis is the logging rate during the delay time to record more precise times arounf the start.
  • Secondary KLM/GPX trigger. Use 15 metres. This is the logging rate after the delayed time to limit the file side on long races. Metres are used as the trigger so that when the boat is not moving it doesn't write to the log file.

Auto Log

  • Turn ON Tick - Time range (below).
  • Tick required day, normally will be Saturday.
  • Start time for next race
  • Stop time - Set to stop after finishing.


  • Units - Set to Metric+Imperial
  • LatLon representation - Set to degrees


  • This option restores all settings to default. Pressing this will require you to reprogram all inputs.